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Braun Epilator – For Silky Smooth Legs

A lot of women desire to have soft and silky skin and braun epilator is the most recommended! Unfortunately, desire doesn’t always translate into reality, and there are several individuals who believe that they have more hair than they want. This is the reason why a lot of hair removers are available in the market, but the problem is that most of these are not as effective as these are purported to be. Plucking can take too long, waxing can damage the skin itself, and shaving can make the hair appear coarser and darker than ever before. One of the best ways to get rid of the unwanted hair is to use epilators for women, and the Braun 5270 X’elle Body System Epilator, arguably the best Braun epilator in the market today.
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Features of the Braun Epilator

What makes the Braun epilator so great? The reason why it’s such a big hit to women is because of the following features:
  • 40 individual tweezers on the epilator head. The individual tweezers on this Braun epilator is particularly effective in getting rid of the bothersome hairs. A single pass can actually get rid of a lot of the hairs that you want to remove, which makes for fast and effective hair removal.
  • Softlift system. To make sure that you get rid of even the tiniest hairs on your skin, the manufacturers of the Braun epilator have created the Softlift system, which lifts the short and flat lying hairs to an upright position, allowing the tweezer head to pull these as well.
  • Softlight system. An LED light is attached to the epilator so that you will be able to see the fine hairs that you would have otherwise overlooked should you only be using regular lighting while you epilate. As such, it saves you the time and the effort, since you don’t have to go back and get your Braun epilator each and every time you notice stray hairs that you weren’t able to get rid of earlier.
  • Massaging rollers. As most people know by now, even the best epilators for women can bring some pain to the user, which is why manufacturers continue to find ways in order to make the experience as less uncomfortable as possible. The Braun epilator has integrated four massaging rollers in the device. These move and rotate in a pulsing motion, gently massaging the skin to lessen and relieve the discomfort you will feel as the hair is pulled out.
  • Two speed settings. You can actually choose the speed of hair removal according to your level of comfort while using the Braun epilator.
  • Comes with the OptiTrim shaving head attachment. For the users who are more comfortable shaving off their hairs to a shorter length prior to epilation, they can use the OptiTrim shaving head for an easier and more comfortable shaving session with Braun epilator.
  • Slows down hair regrowth. Those who shave with Braun epilator regularly may notice that when their hairs grow back, these appear much quicker and coarser than ever before. If you use the Braun epilator, not only will regrowth be slower, the hairs that will grow back will be much finer, so these aren’t as obvious and unsightly.